Music - The Art of Being Visible

Music - The Art of Being Visible


Music is such a natural powerhouse and it can completely change the way we feel in an instant. While I am not musically inclined (unfortunately), its transformative power is a huge part of my life. It has moved me to get up and celebrate, inspired me to be creative, and has brought me to tears more times than I can count. A certain melody can shoot me back to my childhood in an instant or give me the boost to get through a tough time.

Recently I saw an original song performed on the talent show, America’s Got Talent, by Swedish contestant, Chris Kläfford. It really moved me because the song was extremely raw and touching. Something Like Me, was Chris’ story about being different and feeling invisible. Watching, I felt the sheer emotion and pain come through.

“Walking down the street and I'm feeling so invisible.”

“The world is a haystack and I am the needle. I don't belong”

Here is a guy- beyond talented, so genuine, so lovely but by everyday standards he isn’t considered to be “the norm” and he clearly felt that throughout his life. He is a big, tall guy with long hair, a bushy beard and tattoos.

At first glance is he intimidating? Maybe

Should that matter? Nope

My heart not only broke at the thought of someone feeling this way but also that if he didn’t push through the pain, his talent would have never been shared with the world.  

As usual my 10-year-old daughter looked over across the couch and asked, “Mom, are you crying...again?!”

That question was rhetorical because when I watch shows like this, I am always in awe. Seeing people doing what they love and shining brightly gives me a feeling of overwhelming joy. So, the answer was unequivocally, “Yes, I am crying.”

While Chris is larger than life in stature, his aura is as gentle and welcoming as a breeze on a hot summer day. He is NOT and never will be invisible. In fact, in that moment he was vulnerable and 100% who he was meant to be and guess what? People cheered. So the next time you feel like shrinking back or that you aren’t worth it, remember Chris Kläfford!

We have ALL been put here to share our special gifts, whether we are the popular choice or not. This was evident when Chris Kläfford, the unlikely guy with the beard, stood up in front of the world, shared his beautiful voice, story and soul and in return was completely seen!

 Chris in essence rewrote his life’s song to be…

 “Walking down the street and I'm feeling so invincible.

“The world is a haystack and I am the needle shining through. We all belong.

See Chris’ performance >>HERE

 “We are all unique, and have our own special place in the puzzle of the universe.” – Rod Williams, Musician