10 Questions with Reiki Master Lourdes Lebron

10 Questions with Reiki Master Lourdes Lebron

It’s funny how things happen. I followed Lourdes on YouTube for quite a while and always felt such a sense of calm from her Reiki videos. Reiki is a Japanese technique to reduce stress and promote relaxation. It is also used for healing. Whether you subscribe to the art of Reiki or not, knowing someone is sending you good vibes is actually a nice feeling. So when, I had the opportunity to interview Lourdes, I was thrilled. Ironically, we also found out we live within minutes of each other. Can you say “meant to be”?

What I respect most about Lourdes is that despite the trials of following her passion, her number one goal has always been to help others. Lourdes said something that we can all learn from, “Just accept that there’s nothing wrong with following the beat of a different drummer. Wandering into unfamiliar territory can make the journey that much more exciting and rewarding.”

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The Interview:

1.can you Tell me a little about yourself?

I am a Reiki Master who loves sharing Reiki with people through social media. Reiki is an energy system that helps people relax, which in turns allows their body, mind, and spirit to heal. It can reach people across time and space, so the only limits on how it can help others are those of my imagination.

2.Growing up, what was the most challenging part about being intuitive?

The knowledge that I was different from the people around me. As a child it was disheartening to perceive more than others and realize that not everyone was “seeing” or “hearing” what I was. As a teenager the sensory stimuli was overwhelming, and difficult to handle at times.

3.How did you get involved in Reiki & energy healing?

Reiki came to me through what I thought was a coincidence, and now know was synchronicity in action. I had been looking into ways to help me relax and was researching yoga when I saw it continuously mentioned. Shortly afterwards one of my children’s teachers mentioned it to me, and I knew that was a sign to start checking it out. I started reading everything I could on it, and haven’t really stopped since.

4.Do you have to get in a "zone" or particular mindset to be most effective?

Although most people think you have to get into a zone to be effective, I disagree. Sometimes, especially when you are starting out, practitioners have a tendency to put their energy into the client instead of just sharing Reiki. My suggestion is to focus on anything but the Reiki, like music playing or artwork in the room. By not putting your attention on it, you allow the Reiki to flow where it needs to. Eventually you’ll become so in tune with the energy that the Reiki will take you into a zone, without you ever having to force yourself into one.

5.Do you remember the first person you healed with Reiki?

When I first began my Reiki practice I asked friends at work if I could practice on them during breaks. They were amazed (and so was I) at how much heat they felt going through my hands. We’re still in touch today, and those first few days of my practice are something none of us will ever forget.

6.What is the most rewarding part of your passion?

Being able to help people. By sharing Reiki on YouTube, the Reiki can reach people in parts of the world where there aren’t Reiki practitioners, or where Reiki isn’t known. It is a blessing to know that what I do may reach someone I may never meet, and empower them to live a happy, healthy life.

7.What do you say to people who are skeptical of your gifts?

People who are skeptical of my gifts haven’t given Reiki a chance. Most people I’ve met who try it and can feel something, even if they can’t explain what that something is. Others are scared of the unknown and don’t want to learn more, which is fine too. Everyone is on a unique journey and has to lead their lives the way they feel is best.

 8.Who has your biggest supporter been through your journey?

My husband and children have been my biggest supporters and I feel very blessed to have them in my life. They have supported me in all ways (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and all have been instrumental in helping get my practice off the ground.

9.Did you ever want to give up and take another route?

As with anything there have been trying times, but I always knew that helping people is what I was meant to do. Whenever the going got tough and I started to have doubts about Reiki being the best way to help others, the universe always guided me back on this path.

 10.If you could give ONE PIECE of advice to someone who is starting out on a quest to follow their passion, what would that be?

Anyone starting a quest to follow their passion must feel it deep in their heart. At times they may be going against what society considers a reasonable course of action, which can be hard. Just accept that there’s nothing wrong with following the beat of a different drummer. Wandering into unfamiliar territory can make the journey that much more exciting and rewarding.

A huge thanks to Lourdes for her interview. It was such a pleasure! You can find out more about Lourdes: Website | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Tumblr 

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