That Thing That YOU Do...

Kerri Lynn Miller is not only the the founder of but she is also an inspirational spiritual unicorn in her own right. Please take heed to her very poignant advice on change. 

That Thing That YOU Do...

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Today is the day.  It all changes today.  I am making a vow.  My life is going to be different, I finally see the error of my ways and the next time I have the opportunity to implement this new way of thinking, by golly I will do it so help me god. 

I will change!

How many times have we said this to ourselves?  Maybe you’ve said it about losing weight, or about an unhealthy relationship, or even an unhealthy way of reacting to stress.

I know I have been guilty of it and I am pretty certain everyone reading this can relate as well.  How is it that we can be so clear on what needs to change, but when it comes time to implement, we fail?

The first step to change is awareness.  Awareness in the moments that you are doing “that thing you do”, also known as… eating too much, negatively spiraling with thoughts, comparing yourself to others, worrying about the future, blaming, complaining, or allowing someone to trigger you.  The thing is, even if you still do that thing you do, if you have an awareness that you are doing it, then that is a HUGE win.  The one thing that could make that win even better is if you were able to laugh at yourself after you do that thing that you do!

Once you have established awareness, you can then begin to move into stage 2, or the second step.  The second step is your WHY.  In order for step 3 to work, you must find a compelling WHY behind the change that you seek.  As you think of your WHY, allow emotions to enter the picture.  When you can match your WHY with a strong emotion, you cement that into your brain and your being.  What is your deeper WHY for wanting this particular change?  What will it feel like after you have it?  Who will it impact?  This is the most important step, so take the time to journal or at the very least day dream about it. Your WHY is your safety net, it will hold you after every fall or defeat, it will be the reason you succeed.

There is a very small window that opens up right after your awareness that you have the golden opportunity to implement STEP 3.  You have the space to choose differently.   The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome.  In this fleeting moment, you have the chance to reclaim sanity by consciously choosing differently.  The work you completed in Step 2 will be the driver that allows you make a different decision.  It will be the fire that will burn through your doubt and uncertainty and allow you to rise above and make the change you have been seeking!

So, If you can keep your awareness about you, laugh at your reactions, day dream with your WHY’s and choose differently, then maybe, just maybe you can make the change you want in your life!

Kerri Lynn Miller Bio:

Kerri Lynn Miller is a Certified life coach, spiritual thought leader, speaker, actor, filmmaker, and mom.  She is the creator of Spiritual Unicorns, “The Light and Playful Way to Journey Through Your Spirituality”.  Her mission is to give her clients the courage to live the lives they were meant to live and to inspire them to reconnect with their true authenticity, “Dare to by You!”

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