Your Life Unfolds In Proportion To Your Courage

We are thrilled to feature the story of Anita Vora who gave up her career as a scientist to follow her passion. Her story is inspiring and is exactly what we teach...Happiness Depends on something different for everyone.


Joelene Wolfe, fellow actress and Happiness Depends founder, recently reached out to me. She was interested in my story as a scientist turned actress, and how that story may inspire others. Here are a few nuggets that I hope in turn inspires someone else on the path to going after their dreams.

People often ask “how are you” and ask not so much the question “are you happy”. Happiness to me is an inside job of the highest soulful mafioso kind, and about living authentically and intentionally. While I believe every profession is noble whether it be a janitor, an artist, or someone working for NASA; if you aren’t passionate about it, you aren’t going to be happy.

Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.

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That was part of my story. I used to work as a cancer research scientist in a corporate setting. It was safe, stable, and I was being of service to hopefully improve the lives of cancer patients. It didn’t light me up. I wasn’t excited to get out of bed to go to work. I became of those “Friday Yay” people. We all know at least one. The first question to ask yourself- “Are you happy doing what you are doing? Does it feel more like work than play?”

If it isn’t, it’s time to reflect and figure out what does make you happy. For me, the little girl who lined up her stuffed animals and performed for them was still ready in the wings. Like Clark Kent/Superman, I was Clark Kent during experiments by day, and Superman doing community theater by night. Once you realize what you are passionate about (it may take some exploration and listening to your intuition), then it’s time to take the leap of faith. “Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.”

I was Clark Kent during experiments by day, Superman doing community theater by night.

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To say “I am an actress” was truly a “coming out of the closet” moment for someone who grew up an introvert and felt you had to earn your stripes before declaring it. Once you declare it, take action. For me, that was quitting my corporate scientist job, and moving to Los Angeles. LA is the Olympics of acting- where you lace up every day like an athlete and the best of the best are here. There will be fear. There won’t be blood. It’s easy to create all the fear based “reasons” you shouldn’t do something. Acknowledge your fear but acknowledge greater your passion and it will help lead you.

Whatever your passion is, find your tribe. Find the people who support you and who are fellow dreamers in action. Put the time into your craft- there is something to the 10,000 hours to mastery. Be of service, be grateful to get to pursue your passion, and continue to follow your heart. There will be challenging moments along the way, but there will be rewarding ones too. Finding and pursuing your passion isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning of a beautiful friendship and journey. “We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.” Wishing all of you music makers and dreamers out there an amazing journey!

If you aren’t passionate about it, you aren’t going to be happy.

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About Anita: 


Anita Vora is a scientist turned actress, model, and voiceover actor. A good deed believer; Anita believes in making others’ lives better whether sharing a smile, laugh, some chocolate, or self-producing a shoot to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

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