Today – How did I get here?

Today – How did I get here?

Video Transcript:

Hi. I am Joelene Wolfe, founder of Happiness Depends.

Happiness Depends and this video series is about finding your happiness. This goes for your personal happiness, as an employee, as a partner, an employer or a company.

Happiness which is this really big and fluffy word, really depends (pun intended) … and is truly different for everyone. And that’s what makes us all unique!

You may be looking for happiness in your calling, life’s work, dream job - whatever the heck you want to call it.

You may be looking to be understood or allowed to be the true you – to shine. Let it shine!

Kind of like a snowflake, we are all 100% unique .

That's what this is all about with Happiness Depends and my journey- providing you the support, guidance and tools to find that. Helping you get there one step at a time - and that’s all it takes.

For today in this quick little video… we are going to talk about exactly that- TODAY.

I have a good friend who I can hear so loudly say – Joelene,  I am 40 some years old and never expected to be here – I thought I would be so much further along.

Now everything’s relative, right - but their life took a some detours and they were disappointed at the place they were in – more financially and career wise more than anything.

So this is what I explained - if you were to invite 50 of your closest friends and family to an event in another part of the country.

Some would take the train, others a plane, some could walk.

Some would be early, others would hit major delays. Some would meet nice people, some would have regrets. Whatever their personal journey  - it was different but in the end everyone got there.

They made it.

How they got there is irrelevant because that’s in the past right? It’s irrelevant - Except ONE important little thing, they are different people because of it and learned some things along the way.

So that journey was different for everyone and that's the point!

And it’s all good.

So my friend who was dissing their own journey, realized that regardless of what happened, it was theirs and they did in fact learn a lot from it and without even realizing they even taught some other people some lessons along the way too. Now that's interesting.

Know this – you are exactly where you should be! Right now.

Even though at some points you moved forward and things were going great, then backwards or even sideways.

Those things you learned along the way - no one can take that away from you.

It is all good and regardless of what you did and how you got here – today is another day – That’s not a cliché – that’s the truth!

So I have a job for you today – a super easy one:

Think of one hard time or detour (while you didn’t realize it at the time) you learned something from it and are a better person for it. Or maybe even taught someone else a really cool lesson.

Write it down and think about it.

Comment below and let me know what that lessons was.  So others can learn from it.

So I will sum this ups with a simple message in the form of a quote because I love quotes:

Cherokee Proverb “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today”

If you found this helpful or know someone who might, please like and share this video and don’t forget to comment with your lesson! I’d love to hear it!

Until next time - Be Happy.